Here at V V Raven Towers we enjoy creating beautiful things, we love nature and use and enhance it to create a harmonious relaxing environment


My name is Jo Thorndike and I am the founder of V V Raven. We are Stylists, Floral Designers and creators of beautiful things!

Following a long career in Architecture where I worked on some amazing award-winning projects I found that I  was doing more project management and using  less creativity every day. My cousin announced her Engagement and asked me to do her wedding flowers, following an hours lesson on holiday in Italy- I was hooked!

about us

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What a welcoming place setting to greet
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  I have always loved the British countryside and gardened enthusiastically with both of my Grandfathers as a child.  There is so much beauty in nature and we seek to reflect it in our work.

We work with the best materials and have an amazing network of local  British flower growers to ensure that the majority of our flowers and foliage are'grown not flown'. We love to create a wild informal look that accentuates all of their natural beauty.

Foliage flower crown V V Raven styling
Wild and wonderful luxury Christmas wrea