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We are Peter and Jo Thorndike and are the founders and passionate owners of V V Raven.......


V V Raven was founded with a rebellious soul and a heartfelt mission: to give courageous individuals the space to be confident, calm and comforted.

It was a need to spread love and happiness... To show people that life could be colourful, vibrant and bursting with spirit. We’d spent many a year climbing the corporate ladder. We followed the rules, painted by numbers and lost a part of ourselves in the process. 

No more!!

Peter and Jo Thorndike- V V Raven founders- kick ass stylists and vintage clothes shop
Greyson Thorndike- Creative Director- V V Raven- Stylists and Vintage Clothing Shop

I am Greyson Thorndike- Creative Director obviously!!

We are a business built around curiosity and pushing boundaries. What first sprung into the public as a floral stylist for whimsical organisations and individuals has transformed into something far bigger, far wider.

Because we love creativity - in its endless senses. We adore inspiring others to tap into their personality; to produce a living, breathing reflection of it. We do that through event and styling design, our lifestyle studio, workshops and vintage clothing remodelling; our own little wonderland, helping you find a way back to your core.

Jo Thorndike- founder of V V Raven- kick ass stylist and vintage clothing shop
Peter Thorndike- co- founder of V V Raven- kick ass stylist and vintage shop
Image of V V Raven Towers- kick ass stylists and vintage shop

Our approach to our design is to capture a feeling of ethereal escapism with a heady dose of rock and roll.

We work with you - our incredible client - to uncover your magic and weave it into an environment or product.

From pop-up residencies to daring wardrobes, we inspire you to take risks and to listen to your heart with eclectic designs that scream ‘THIS IS ME!’.

We believe that there is a brave, irreverent rockstar inside all of us.

Let us help you unleash it!!

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